Kastrup Recycling

Circular economy with a future

For over a century Kastrup Recycling is a competent partner in recycling and raw material recycling. Since its founding in 1904 Kastrup recycling takes advantage of the material cycle and thus allocates the German industry much needed secondary raw materials available.

Kastrup Recycling makes a contribution to resource-saving supply of raw materials and a climate-friendly production. Waste materials are collected and properly and professionally prepared to supply this a meaningful recovery in the industry. In addition, recycling advice, customer orientation and flexibility are hallmarks.

Shaping the Future

Creating synergies for joint future-oriented extension of the existing market position was the decisive drive for recycling and Kastrup TOPREC GmbH, which was implemented in January 2014. With the help of this cooperation, the market segments of the raw materials plastics, paper and metal were further expanded.

The TOPREC GmbH & Kastrup Recycling stand for know-how in the extractive industry and we are growing with our customers.

Kastrup Recycling



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