Film qualities / Commercial films

The recycling of films is a central business area of ​​TOPREC GmbH.

Films can be very diverse and differ depending on the material, use, nature and source. For industry recycling films are a valuable raw material resource. The films are prepared according to the requirement criteria of different manufacturers and production companies, so that the amount of power within Germany and the EU is guaranteed.

We are committed your manufacturing waste whether film rolls / sections or loose plastics to perform according to their origin, characteristics, purity and use of a high-quality processing and recycling.

Through our experience, long-standing relationships and resultantly the very good sales channels we offer mainly for the following film qualities processing and recycling options at very good terms. The form of packaging for loose goods, bales or rolls is flexible.


Our key services include the following material types:

  • LDPE films 98-2 / 95-5 / 90-10 / 80-20 / 60-40 and various non-ferrous films
  • LDPE pellet bags
  • LDPE shrink film
  • LDPE film brick
  • LLDPE and LDPE agricultural films
  • LDPE collection bags made ​​of PET sorting
  • Composite films (such as ALU-PE, PE-PP)
  • Film special places (such as PP, PS)

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For the industrial recycling mill materials are a valuable raw material resource.

Production waste

Production waste is a valuable and high quality raw material resource.


Briquettes are made to a high-quality processing and recycling.