Hard plastics

Hard plastics are a very broad concept in the field of recycling industry and the secondary raw materials.

The protection of the environment and securing raw materials are our main plastic recycling in the foreground. Hard plastics are ideal for recycling. For industry recycling hard plastics are a valuable raw material resource. The hard plastics are processed according to the requirement criteria of different manufacturers and production companies, so that the amount of power is ensured in germany or the EU.

We strive to make your hard plastics according to their origin, properties (bulk goods, bales, etc.), purity and use of a high-quality processing and recycling.


Our key services include the following material types:

  • MGB's (garbage cans)
  • HDPE buckets
  • HDPE/PP mix
  • HDPE pipes / PP pipes / PVC pipes - unmixed or mixed
  • Garden furniture
  • PS planters / PP pots - unmixed or mixed
  • PS film reels
  • Lumps / chunks - unmixed or mixed
  • Automotive plastics - unmixed or mixed

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For the industrial recycling mill materials are a valuable raw material resource.


The recycling of films is a central business area of TOPREC GmbH.

Production waste

Production waste is a valuable and high quality raw material resource.


Briquettes are made to a high-quality processing and recycling.